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REVEALED: Do you like our film?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We worked with Bobby at Sumo Crucial videography to put together 'Revealed' - a short film that summarises what we've been doing since 2012 to take the event to where it is now and what we continue to aspire to achieve. We're putting dance on the Yorkshire map!

Watch it...

In summary:

  • The largest event of its kind in the UK

  • An opportunity to celebrate children and young people’s creative talents

  • Inclusive of all ages and abilities

  • Celebrating and shaping dance in schools

  • Engaging families in live dance performance

  • We’ve worked with 114 schools, colleges and community groups

  • We've engaged with over 7000 children and young people from diverse communities across the region

  • A positive impact on emotional, mental and physical health

  • Creating pride in achievement

  • Highlighting progression in dance

  • Providing professional development for teachers

  • Providing employment opportunities for dance professionals

  • Developing leadership roles for young people

Not bad for 10 years! And we're still growing.

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