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a non-competitive annual dance event that engages children of all ages & abilities from across Yorkshire

What people say...

"Such a fantastic event! The children, families and staff have come back to school bouncing. Thank you so much for inviting us to be involved."


We want to do this every year! 

Great for us as we had pupils performing who lack confidence - you wouldn't have thought so - such a positive experience for all involved.

The dance festival is now an integral part of our curriculum. It has a huge impact on the quality of students' work.

We had a FANTASTIC time! We loved it, the kids loved it, the parents loved it - we can't wait to join in next year!

I think our Year 6 children will remember the experience forever. They were so proud of themselves.

This was the first time our students have taken part and they loved every minute!

It's a great event that seems to get better and better each year.

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